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Thank you for your interest in Volunteering
for the 33rd Women's Mid-Amatuer Championship
at Forest Highlands Golf Club

Please find the categories below available for you to volunteer during this tournament:


Hedy Thomas,
Committee Chair
Hello, my name is Hedy Thomas and I am the Registration Coordinator for the USGA Women’s Mid Amateur Championship. Registration will take place in the Meadow Recreation Complex and consist of 13 Stations on September 11, 12 and 13. As players arrive, they will report to Registration and visit each station beginning with the Photo Station, followed by Media Relations, Master Registration, Signing the Player’s Scroll, Social Functions Confirmation, Player Packet Distribution, Pace of Play, USGA Equipment Standards, Caddie Packets, Private Housing Verification, Tee Time Verification, and Player Gift Distribution. After completing a visit to all stations, each player will receive a Tour of the Club, and be shown the location of the First & Tenth Tees.

“Registration Training” will take place on Wednesday, September 11 at 12 P.M. for those working the first shift on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Second shifts will be trained by the first shift volunteers.

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Forecaddies / Marshals

Captain Tony Chadwick
Forecaddie / Marshall Committee Chair

Stationary Forecaddies

Saturday/Monday 9/14-9/16
Forecaddies fulfill an important function - they are positioned at a stationary location on the golf course to spot the location of shots that land in the rough from a wayward shot by players and contribute greatly to the pace of play. Volunteers will be provided a chair at their assigned location but are anticipated to be able to walk to their respective hole. If walking to your assigned hole is difficult, then a shuttle will be available.

Upon locating a ball in the rough and after all golfers have taken their shot, forecaddies are tasked with placing a small flag indicating the location of a ball in the rough. On some holes two forecaddies are required- either on opposite sides of the fairway or in the second shot landing area on par 5's.

A forecaddie/marshaling point will be established at the clubhouse prior to the event for volunteers to report to at the assigned time and there will be an initiation meeting prior to the tournament when full details will be provided. Volunteers will be provided with a golf shirt and hat prior to the event. Snacks and water will also be available on the day of volunteering.

Walking Forecaddies

Tuesday/Thursday 9/17-9/19
As the name suggests and broadly within the description above, walking forecaddies will precede the golfing matches on Tuesday to Thursday 9/17-9/19. Volunteers will walk ahead of the various matches for the entire round.


Wednesday afternoon 9/18 and Thursday morning 9/19.
Marshals will accompany each match and keep any gallery 10 yards or so behind the players. They will be provided with quiet paddles to hold up while players are hitting and also indicate the flight of any wayward shots by signaling to the forecaddies the flight of the ball. See further details under Stationary forecaddies.

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Jim Robinson
Scoring Committee Chair

Walking Scorers

Walking scorers accompany each group in match play and enter hole-by-hole scores for the players into a hand-held scoring device, furnished by the USGA. These hole-by-hole scores are transmitted to the real-time scoring area so status of the match may be up to date at all times. The walking scorer may consult with the USGA Rules Official walking with the match to verify scores. Walking scorers will pick up the device for scoring at the tablet distribution location and return it to the same location upon completion of the round.


Stationary Scorers

Stationary scorers will be assigned to one location (typically the green of a given hole). They will record the scores and players exit the green.

Scoring Troubleshooters

Assist in troubleshooting when problems arise with handheld scoring devices.

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Standard Bearer

Standard Bearers
Needed to carry standards to accompany each match. Standards can become heavy and are held throughout a match - a person should be capable of holding the standard for an extended length of time. Bearers will work in pairs to offer relief when needed.

Standards are two-sided and will contain information on both sides. The USGA will provide all proper equipment which can be picked up at the Volunteer check-in station.

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Driving Range Attendant

Driving Range Attendants

Driving range attendants are needed for player services on the driving range including cleaning clubs and other help to the players as they prepare for a round.

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Lynn Jacquay
Hospitality Committee Chair

Volunteers will be checking in USGA golfers, USGA staff, guests, and caddies for meal service at breakfast and lunch.  Each shift is 4.5 hours in length.

Volunteer will be seated at a table for the duration of the shift.

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Bob Miskar
Caddie Committee Chair


Approximately 50 - 60 caddies will be needed for the players for the Thursday & Friday practice rounds and for the two stroke play rounds (Saturday & Sunday, September 14-15). If a player moves forward to match play from the 16th - 19th caddies may be needed to advance with the player through the playoffs. Some players will provide their own caddies.

PLEASE NOTE: Push carts will be available for caddies who require them. Please note that you would like a push cart when you sign up.

Caddies should be reasonably well trained, have an understanding of the etiquette of the game and be somewhat familiar with the layout of the golf course.

If a player requests a caddie for the championship, she is expected to use and pay that caddie for both practice rounds and stroke play rounds, unless otherwise specified. Caddies will be assigned by blind draw conducted a few days before registration begins.

Caddies are expected to check in each day at least one hour prior to his/her tee time at the caddie staging area. Caddie bibs will be provided by the USGA at the staging area.

Caddie bibs MUST BE TURNED IN at the end of each round.

Caddying will begin on Friday Sept. 13th, a Practice Round and will continue Saturday and Sunday during Stroke Play Qualification. If the Player qualifies for Match Play, then the Caddy has the option to continue with that Player. 

Caddies will be compensated $60 per day, and will be provided a shirt and hat.

A caddie is not required to be a golfing expert, but must have an understanding of Caddying Etiquette and responsibilities.  Forest Highlands will provide “caddy training” prior to the event. Additionally, the Caddie will be able to play in our Volunteer Golf Outing at the Meadow Golf Course on Friday, September 20.

To register, click the link below and fill out the form to let us know of your interest. Our Caddy Master, Bob Miskar will be in contact with you.

Signup to Caddie

Parking & Transportation

Martha & Don Stoneberger
Housing & Transportation Committee Chairs

Shuttle Drivers
Shuttle drivers are needed for various locations including parking lot people movers, on course shuttling as well as weather shuttle drivers.

Shuttle drivers must have valid driver's license and may be subject to background check.

Help with restricting areas of the club parking lots to players and other USGA personnel only.

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Volunteer Check-In

Volunteer Check-In
Located at the Meadow Pool and Family Recreation Center. Volunteer check-in volunteers will help facilitate signing of waivers and handing out volunteer uniform shirts.

Also using the software to check in volunteers so volunteer Committee Leaders know who has arrived for their shifts.

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Private Housing

Martha & Don Stoneberger
Housing & Transportation Committee Chairs

Private Housing
It is a tradition of the Women's Mid-Amateur Championship for members and friends of the host club to offer private housing for some of the players in the championship. Hosts must be present overnight while players are guests. Players and their guests may not be unaccompanied overnight. Please note that these women are 25 years of age or older to qualify. Some may be accompanied by a husband or partner if hosts are willing to accomodate.

Private Housing is needed between Wednesday, September 11 through Thursday, September 19, but not necessarily that entire length of time.
  • Once players are eliminated from their Championship they need to depart the private housing within 24 hours. Hosts are not expected to house players outside of the dates listed above.
  • Hosts may house multiple players if they have additional rooms.
  • The host family is not responsible for providing food or transportation to the player, however it is an option.
  • Host family information will be sent to players prior to the championship and after qualifying is complete in mid-August so that the player may make contact in advance of their arrival.

All hosts and members 18 years and older in the household will be required to complete a simple background check conducted by Accurate Background. The player and guests are NOT required to do the same.

For questions or to discuss options, please contact Martha Stoneberger: or by phone: 602-418-2422



Medical / First Aid
There is a requirement to have medical services on site for the practice rounds during the championship. These on-site services shall include:
1. Medical Personnel (medical doctor, emergency medical technician and/or registered nurse)
2. At least two individuals who have been certified in the use of the AED defibrillators
3. Two AED defibrillators.

Medical staff on site will have a USGA radio and may have a cart for their use in case of a medical emergency on the golf course. It is required that there be a "first responder" in the medical tent and available by radio at all times. Each treated incident will need to be recorded, form to be provided by the USGA.

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